Monday, June 16, 2008


Who should join SPASA?

All self-publishing companies, societies, authors and related professionals (see right).

Why join SPASA?

As competitive as all businesses are, a win-win situation is needed. All self-publishers face the same challenges.

We face public perception that self-published books have poor content, are sometimes badly printed, have low quality layout and are not considered as ‘good’ as regularly published books.

Other challenges include marketing, promotion and distribution for authors, an unregulated industry, print issues and the search for good editors, proofreaders, InDesign / Quark designers, illustrators and other professionals.

SPASA intends to change this by creating a regulated industry, promoting high standards and linking with other professional organisations.

SPASA membership will do the following for you:

  • All members can showcase themselves and their services;
  • Help members create self-publishing channels;
  • Links to the Johannesburg Adobe forum;
  • Offer memberships to societies that include large discounts to their members;
  • Offer courses and extensive resources, all in one place;
  • Provide a platform for manuscript reviews and book ratings;
  • Establish the SPASA Seal of Approval awarded to self-published books if they pass quality standards. This will help booksellers as they will know from the Seal whether the book is a quality product;
  • Provide a forum for members to air challenges and find solutions;
  • Grow the self-publishing into a regulated and respected industry;
  • and much more! Visit for a full list of member benefits.
There is a Code of Conduct to which members adhere. We do not currently offer legal advice.

To become a SPASA member, visit